About Smoky Mountain Web Solutions

  A sole proprietorship corporation, Smoky Mountain Web Solutions has been in existance since about 1990.

  At that time, we were exclusively hardware oriented. Those were the days laptop computers, notebooks & tablets didn't exist - only desktops. I quickly found I could build PC's easier then trying to customize what was already available. Time passed and what started as a personal endeavor quickly grew as friends & workmates requested custom builds, running about 50% cheaper then what was otherwise available.

  Eventually competition caused prices to drop everywhere and it was no longer profitable. I had a choice to make. I could either fold saying "Eh we had a good run" or change. I took advantage of a provision my employer had. He had a PC in the company computer room that employees could access to learn anything computer related. I noticed a disc called SQL. I discovered the acronym stood for Structured Query Language, and was the interface between a database and web pages. This led to other scripting lanaguages; HTML, Php, XML, Cold Fusion and ASP followed. I soon had a full development Apache server on my computer and well on my way to software developemnt.

  As my knowledge and experience grew, my websites changed from learning how to do it, to putting it into practice and actually building websites as a business. I also became more aquainted with a company called Google.
In one of his blogs, Matt Cutts (look him up if you don't know who he is) emphasized Google is not the enemy, they exist to make the internet easier and more helpful to the user. To this end, they grade websites on roughly 220+ criteria so your searches yield relevant content. It's up to the web developer to be knowledgable about, and implement these best practices.

  Today, Smoky Mountain Web Solutions does all of that. Thanks to continued education and online curiculum, I know what Google likes and what Google penalizes for, how to optimize code, scripts and images for quicker loadtimes, interpret Analytics stats, and how to run a successful Google Adwords campaign. Whatever your e-marketing needs, we are here to help.